New song and video for GIVE Seattle online

Over 30 Seattle artists have contributed tracks to GIVE Seattle 2009, a downloadable music and video compendium for charity. The Long Winters recorded an acoustic version of new song Not Moving to Portland especially for the GIVE project, with Kathleen Edwards singing harmonies, and then filmed a music video for it. Watch the video now on our video page.

The song is now available for download, so if you haven't bought the compilation yet, this is the time to do so. For just $7 you will get the best Seattle has to offer, and 100% of the proceeds go to the GIVE beneficiaries.

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» Read John's blog about the song and video


This thing is a good thing.

new john roderick music is

new john roderick music is all I ever want.

Not moving to Portland

I just saw the name of the song and thought that was cool... Even here in Anchorage Alaska we get a lot of Portland types. Extra tuffs, flannel, weird hunting hats etc. Stuff white people like tyeps...

Where can I get the song?

It's no longer available from GIVE Seattle. Can it be purchased elsewhere?

Probably not...

This is not exactly an official answer (did try to find out, which is why this response took a while), but I guess since this song was recorded especially for the GIVE project, it is not very likely to get released elsewhere. But the video for this version is still online though, and the song will probably end up on the new The Long Winters album in a different version.